Wait ... Bills now want QB Matt Barkley?

The Buffalo Bills have taken a sudden left turn at quarterback, according to various reports.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated and Albert Breer of the NFL Network both report the Bills are "seriously targeting" USC quarterback Matt Barkley with the No. 8 overall pick. This comes after various reports in the past several days have clearly linked Buffalo to having strong interest in taking Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib.

What does all of this mean?

Frankly, this is par for the course as the draft gets closer. Teams are sending out various smokescreens and misdirections one day before the draft in order to gain a competitive advantage.

It’s probably not a coincidence this latest round of Buffalo reports comes just hours after the rival New York Jets essentially threatened Buffalo that they would take Nassib if the Bills passed. Now, Buffalo is essentially responding "We don’t like Nassib, we want Barkley instead." Who knows who is telling the truth?

So, there is some more smokescreen for Bills fans and the rest of our AFC East community. We will not get firm answers until Thursday night during the NFL draft.