Calls and Effect: AFC East penalty tracker

Why isn't anybody barking about Trent Edwards having his own special set of rules?

Turns out Edwards has drawn just as many roughing the passer calls as Tom Brady, the subject of a Joey Porter rant that alleged the NFL gives Brady favorable treatment.

Porter, the outspoken Miami Dolphins pass-rusher, made some bold comments Thursday on the NFL Network. Porter declared Brady the beneficiary of courtesy calls.

I took that as my cue to sort through the NFL penalty stats to see if Porter was onto something about the New England Patriots.

What I found was that opponents have been flagged for roughing Brady five times, a high number, but the same as Edwards, who is averaging almost one roughing call per game. He has missed the Buffalo Bills' past two games with a concussion.

Edwards' replacement, Ryan Fitzpatrick, also has elicited a roughing flag. That gives the Bills and league-leading six calls in their favor. Two of them were committed by the Patriots against Edwards on opening night.

All but one of Brady's roughing calls occurred in two games. The Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans were flagged twice each. The Titans have done the deed a league-high four times.

Eli Manning of the New York Giants and Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears have drawn three roughing calls apiece. No other quarterback has been wronged more than twice.

Miami Dolphins quarterbacks Chad Henne and Chad Pennington haven't gotten a call. Neither has New York Jets rookie Mark Sanchez.

The Jets are the lone AFC East team that hasn't committed a roughing the passer penalty, which is impressive given their penchant for blitzing.

Defenses should be extra careful when Ed Hochuli, Ron Winter or Walt Anderson is lined up behind the quarterback. Hochuli has ruled roughing the passer six times, more than any other referee. Winter, who handled the Ravens-Patriots game in Week 4, and Anderson have flagged it five times.