AFC East roster bubble: QB Tim Tebow

It’s July, which means training camp is just a few weeks away. With that in mind, the AFC East blog this week will look at players who are on the roster bubble this summer.

We start Monday with one of the most popular players in the NFL: New England Patriots backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

Reason for hope: Tebow has the backing of two very important people in New England's organization: offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and head coach Bill Belichick. McDaniels has always been Tebow's biggest supporter in the NFL and drafted the quarterback in the first round three years ago. McDaniels is excited to get his hands on Tebow again and is a huge reason why Tebow is in New England. Belichick has always liked Tebow's character and work ethic. Belichick was impressed with Tebow during the draft process and nearly flipped out, by Belichick’s standards, when a report recently surfaced that he did not like Tebow. Belichick publicly ridiculed the report, which he rarely does, and then signed Tebow soon after. You have to think with all of the image problems the Patriots currently face with Aaron Hernandez, New England would like to keep a high-character player like Tebow on the roster this year.

Reason for concern: Not one dime of Tebow’s two-year contract is guaranteed. That means the Patriots can part ways with Tebow this summer without penalty if they do not like what they see. Tebow has been reluctant to change positions in the past. But Tebow would be silly not to show his versatility with the Patriots by doing something more than playing quarterback. Tebow is currently the third quarterback on the roster, and the Patriots didn't carry three quarterbacks last season. New England would have to make an exception for Tebow -- and much of that will depend on whether he brings value to other places.

Chances of making the 53-man roster: 70 percent