How to talk to reporters, Jets style

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Before Geno Smith began his interview with reporters Wednesday, Mark Sanchez tossed him a card and laughed.

Sanchez wouldn't tell reporters what was on the card, calling it a "full-time locker-room joke."

We're not 100 percent positive, but we think that the card was a "Media Bridge" card, which was given out to the team by its PR staff.

The New York Daily News' Manish Mehta took a picture of both sides of the card and tweeted it, front and back.

Here's what the card says:


• "Let me just add that"

• "That reminds me"

• "Let me answer you by saying that"

• "That's an important point because"

• "What that means is"

• "Another thing to remember is"


• "If you look at it closely, you'll find"

• "what I can say is this"

• "You will each receive a copy of these as you leave today"

• "What's most important is"

• "The real issue here is"

• "I wouldn't even try to take on the job of coaching, what I can tell you is"

• "That's not my area of expertise, but I think your audience would be interested in knowing that"

Next time we hear an answer that contains one of these phrases, at least we'll know where it came from ...