Jets' Barnes not impressed by Mario

With 4.5 sacks against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams set a personal record, a franchise record, and, on Wednesday, was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

He'd just better not be expecting any congratulations from Jets outside linebacker Antwan Barnes.

Putting on his best McKayla Maroney impression, Barnes wasn't impressed with Williams' last outing, laughing off a reporter Wednesday who asked about the threat Williams poses to the Jets, according to Newsday.

"It's the Panthers we're talking about," Barnes said. "Obviously, he's a first-round pick, they pay him so much money, so he's got to go out there and do something."

Barnes, of course, won't have to back up his play on the field against Williams on Sunday. That duty will fall to the Jets' offensive line.

"For our O-linemen, it's the same. They go against us every day," Barnes boasted. "They won't be scared or intimidated by it."

Earlier Wednesday, Bills center Eric Wood called the Jets "a cocky bunch" who take cues from their head coach, Rex Ryan.

Barnes was drafted by the Ravens in 2007 and played his first two seasons under Ryan, who was then Baltimore's defensive coordinator, with Mike Pettine, now the Bills' defensive coordinator, as his position coach.

And like some of his former Ravens teammates -- Terrell Suggs and Cary Williams, among others -- he isn't one to shy away from some trash-talking.

In this case, Barnes would be wise to clam up. Sure, it would be wild to expect Mario Williams to put up the same stats every week that he did against the Panthers and their shaky offensive line, but he's still one of the most dangerous players in the league at his position.

It's often said that players should do their "talking on the field." In this case, it's Barnes doing his talking off the field, and his offensive line that will have to back him up on Sunday.