Bills have NFL's quickest offense

When it comes to speed on offense, one team comes to mind more than any other: the Philadelphia Eagles.

Under Chip Kelly, the Eagles want to move fast. But they're not alone.

Through two games, the Buffalo Bills actually have the NFL's fastest offense, at least by one metric.

Dividing time of possession by number of plays, the Bills get one play off every 21.8 seconds of possession, first in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Eagles rank third (23.3 seconds per play).

The statistic isn't a perfect indication of speed on offense, as incompletions and other clock stoppages will keep the time of possession lower. But for Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who brought a no-huddle approach from Syracuse, his offense is in good company at the top of the charts.

Here's a look at the NFL's "fastest" offenses through two games:

Bills -- 21.8 seconds per play

Broncos -- 23.2 seconds

Eagles -- 23.3 seconds

Ravens -- 24.4 seconds

Patriots -- 25.0 seconds

Packers -- 25.3 seconds

In terms of efficiency in moving the ball, though, the Eagles have the Bills beat. They rank second in the NFL in yards per play (7.07), behind only the Packers (7.54 yards).

The Bills rank 19th, gaining 5.39 yards per play.