Take your pick: '07 Pats or '09 Saints

Which offense is better, the 2007 New England Patriots or this year's New Orleans Saints?

NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas unloads all the information you'll need to make your case for either team, which pursued perfection behind a prolific and devastatingly effective quarterback.

"There are some numbers there that are unbelievable," New Orleans coach Sean Payton said of the '07 Patriots. "I’ve used this analogy before. If you come into a program a few years back like we did, you have to pay attention to the Microsofts of the world if you’re someday wanting to compete in that industry."

Yasinskas' column includes reams of stats and comments from players, coaches and analysts, but here is the chart that breaks down how each offense fared through 10 games. Defensive coordinators might want to keep a box of tissues handy.