Run, Ryan, run? Throw, Ricky, throw?

Ricky Williams is throwing interceptions and Ryan Fitzpatrick is busting off 31-yard touchdown runs.

What's next? Joey Porter taking a monastic vow of silence and Dick Jauron taking a job as a color commentator?

The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills have had an interesting first half Sunday in Ralph Wilson Stadium. The score is tied at 7.

Williams squashed a methodical opening drive by throwing a Wildcat interception on first-and-goal from the Bills' 3-yard line.

The play-calling was too cute. He forced a wobbler into a small window. But it's not like Williams is a proficient passer. He had thrown two passes in his career, the last happening in 2000 for the New Orleans Saints.

But Williams also excelled at what he does best: run, run, run.

Williams ran 15 times for 79 yards in the first half, sending him well on his way to a third straight 100-yard rushing game, something he hasn't done since Weeks 11 through 13 in 2003.

Fitzpatrick tied the game in the second quarter on a 31-yard touchdown jaunt up with right sideline. It's the longest run of his career and more than twice as far as Pro Bowl running back Marshawn Lynch has gone on a single carry this season.