Revis rivets receivers like none other

New York's Darrelle Revis hasn't given up more than four receptions in a game this season. ESPN.com Illustration

If you want to know how truly great Darrelle Revis is, don't bother looking at his stats.

Take a look at the receivers he has covered.

ESPN.com Fantasy deputy editor Nate Ravitz examines how Revis has impacted the game even though you'd need be in an exotic fantasy league to start him. The New York Jets cornerback is having a lights-out season, routinely shaking down the NFL's best receivers.

Revis will be under the prime-time lights Thursday night, when the Jets play the Buffalo Bills in Toronto. The last time Revis lined up against the Bills, Terrell Owens caught one pass for 11 yards.

"You've got Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, whomever it is, Lee Evans, there are some great guys that he's matched up with every week," Jets coach Rex Ryan said Monday. "He's got the toughest challenge on the field. Every single week he answers the bell. From Andre Johnson; you name it, he faces it. It gives you so much freedom as a playcaller to not have to worry about 'Oh, man. This guy's the best receiver in the game.' [Revis] gets it done.

"Nobody's had the impact that this young man's had throughout the league. I know the kid, the pass-rusher, [Jared] Allen from Minnesota has had a great year. [Elvis] Dumervil's got stats. Darren Sharper from New Orleans has had a great year. But nobody's had the impact [Revis] has and it isn't even close."

ESPN analyst KC Joyner also contributes to the piece with an enlightening game-by-game breakdown of Revis' season in a more orthodox statistical way (attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns).

We see Revis hasn't given up more than four receptions in a game, has held six receivers to one or fewer receptions. He shut out Marques Colston, Ted Ginn (the second time they played) and Mike Sims-Walker. Revis held Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith to one catch for 5 yards Sunday.

Ravitz breaks down Revis' weekly matchups to illustrate how superstar receivers see their stat lines disintegrate when he's on them. Johnson averages 11.8 points in standard ESPN.com leagues, but Revis held him to three. Moss averages 14.6, but Revis kept him to two points and nine points.

The story notes Ginn was the only opponent to burn Revis all year, but Ginn's feeble play up until then caused fantasy owners to start him in fewer than 10 percent of ESPN.com leagues that week.

"I knew how he competed, but this is even a little surprising to me," Ryan said of how Revis compares to what he expected. "I knew he was the best corner in the game, but this is unbelievable. I mean, every week. His competitiveness and his courage is second to none. It really is amazing."