Sheldon Richardson: Woody Johnson has right to be 'flabbergasted'

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Change is coming. Everybody knows it -- the players, the coaches, everybody. This is the kind of season that turns organizations upside down. So, no, Woody Johnson's comments didn't create a buzz in the New York Jets' locker room. They know he's frustrated. They are, too.

"It's tough for the entire organization," defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson said Thursday. "Woody is the head man in charge and he has every right to be disappointed or flabbergasted about the situation. He's invested, personally and financially. He has every right to be concerned and wanting to get this ship righted, and it's his ship to get right."

Richardson will be back next season no matter what happens. Rex Ryan's future is less secure. After missing the playoffs four consecutive seasons, bottoming out this year at 2-11, Ryan knows the deal. This is a winning business, as he likes to say, and the Jets haven't been doing a lot of that.

"Obviously, the man is the owner of the team," Ryan said of Johnson. "He has the right to do anything he wants. He's justified in anything he chooses to do."

Beyond that, Ryan didn't want to comment on his job security, saying repeatedly his only focus is preparing for the Tennessee Titans. That's what coaches are supposed to say, but they're human, too. They can't help but wonder about their future.

Speaking from the owners' meetings in Dallas, Johnson shared his disappointment with the New York Daily News, but offered no definitive statements about his plans for a potential shake up. He dropped hints, but chose his words carefully, revealing little except he's frustrated.

"I feel the same way he does," said Ryan, who speaks fairly regularly with Johnson.

Johnson had big expectations for 2014, especially after an encouraging finish last season. In the spring, he said he was tired of being patient. Instead of improving on 8-8, the Jets went backward in a big way.

"I don’t think a person who owns something and (isn't) seeing the results on what (he's) paying for, I don’t think anybody would be happy," linebacker Calvin Pace said. "We’re not, players aren’t, coaches aren’t, fans aren’t. It’s unfortunate, it really is. The effort’s there, the preparation’s there, we're just not getting the job done as players. So I understand what he’s saying.”

So now they wait for the wrecking ball to swing.

"I'm pretty sure guys already know," Richardson said. "A season like this, change happens. Guys don't know what the changes are, but they know changes will comes. No one is oblivious to it, but no one is complaining about it, either. It's the way this business works."