Pepper Johnson says Rex Ryan has job waiting for him

Pepper Johnson is frustrated.

The Buffalo Bills' defensive line coach this past season, who is still under contract with the team, interviewed for the New York Giants' defensive coordinator vacancy earlier this week. He didn't get the job.

After 15 seasons as an assistant in the NFL, Johnson told the New York Daily News that he's been itching to move up the coaching ladder.

"Moving away from the Patriots, spending a year in Buffalo, I was hoping it would open doors and open some eyes, that more people would be watching,” Johnson told the newspaper, "and (that some team) will give me a call before all this is said and done.

"I feel bottled up," he said. "I have a lot of knowledge and a lot of information that I feel like I just have to keep to myself."

The Daily News also reported that new Bills coach Rex Ryan spoke to Johnson as late as Wednesday and said there would be a job waiting for him on the Bills' staff.

But where would that job be?

Johnson coached linebackers and the defensive line with the Patriots but both of those positions now have coaches for the Bills. They were among several hires from Ryan's Jets staff that the Bills announced Thursday:

Defensive line: Karl Dunbar

Assistant defensive line: Jeff Weeks

Linebackers: Bobby April III

In addition, the Buffalo News reported this week that Jason Rebrovich, the assistant defensive line coach this past season, will be shifted to outside linebackers coach.

The secondary isn't an option for Johnson either. The Bills hired Tim McDonald from the Jets and will keep Donnie Henderson from Doug Marrone's staff, giving them two veteran coaches for their defensive backs.

No matter where you look, there is little room for Johnson on the Bills' staff.