Deadline two weeks away for Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins

May 3 is a date worth keeping an eye on if you are a fan of the Miami Dolphins.

Two weeks from today, the Dolphins must decide whether to exercise the team's fifth-year option for starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The option will be worth approximately $15 million for the 2016 season.

The decision, in reality, is already made. Several members of the Dolphins' brass, including vice president Mike Tannenbaum and general manager Dennis Hickey, said this offseason they have every intention to extend Tannehill's rookie contract. The only question is whether it will be the fifth-year option the team has at its disposal or a longer, multiyear extension that could be in the range of $100 million.

Miami and Tannehill's camp have been in negotiations this offseason, and it's a safe bet that Tannehill will be the Dolphins' quarterback for at least the next two seasons.

If both sides cannot reach a multiyear agreement in the next couple of weeks, look for the Dolphins to use their team option for 2016. This also buys more time to see if Tannehill and the Dolphins can work out a longer extension before the start of the regular season.