Patriots DL Dominique Easley coming out of his shell a bit

Soft-spoken New England Patriots defensive lineman Dominique Easley is coming out of his shell a bit from a media perspective, with one example a one-on-one interview with Dan Roche of WBZ-TV in Boston on Sunday.

Easley was promoting his football camp in Medford, Massachusetts, on July 25, with a theme of raising awareness for fibromyalgia, which he’s familiar with through his 16-year-old sister Destiny’s struggles.

“It started when she was 11; some days she would wake up and she wouldn’t even be able to walk,” Easley told Roche on the “Sports Final” program. “Just seeing my sister not be able to walk as an 11-year-old is real harsh on you; that you can’t do anything. … She’s still going through it today. Just 2-3 weeks ago, she was in the wheelchair, in and out of hospitals, missing school. A lot of people don’t know how serious it is until you actually witness it for yourself.”

As Easley raises awareness for fibromyalgia, he added that this is his first-ever football camp at any level, and he’s leading it as he’s still on the road to recovery himself with his previously injured knee.

“I had a bit more time to get back healthy,” he said, when asked about being placed on season-ending injured reserve last December. “I’m on the road to it right now.”

Easley also shared thoughts on his rookie season, and how he felt fortunate to have solid veterans to follow.

“It was real good just to have Vince Wilfork as my guidance, as a mentor for me. It went real smooth,” he said. “I [also] had Chandler Jones and a lot of veterans behind me, helping me out, showing me the way, showing me the path.”

His biggest lesson?

“You can always learn,” he told Roche. “At any point in your career, don’t ever think that you know everything.”

Easley has noticed Bill Belichick seems to take a similar approach as a coach.

“He does everything different, and I would say, in my eyes, at risk. He just does things that you would never normally see somebody do,” he said. “He’s a jokester [which] everybody doesn’t really see. A real big jokester; he makes us laugh all the time. He just does a lot things that a normal coach wouldn’t do, and that’s what makes him great.”

Easley elaborated by saying that Belichick’s innovative, often adjusting on the fly.

“He just sees what he has and just goes from there,” he said.