Some illuminating Moss stats

Randy Moss' lack of effort has been a prevailing story line from the New England Patriots' 20-10 home triumph over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

With that in mind, ESPN Stats & Information examined Moss' season for insight.

A few quick facts:

  • Eight of Tom Brady's 11 interceptions this year have been passes intended for Moss.

  • Seven of Moss' nine touchdowns have occurred with the Patriots already ahead in the game.

  • But Moss is averaging 18.3 yards per catch when the Patriots are behind, 13.6 yards per reception when they're ahead.

  • Through the first 10 games, Brady targeted Moss an average of 10.4 times. Moss averaged 6.3 receptions and scored eight touchdowns.

  • In the past three games, Brady has targeted Moss an average of five times. Moss caught an average of two passes and scored one touchdown. In that span Brady has targeted Wes Welker an average of 12 times.

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