Week 16 power rankings: AFC East

The AFC East took a collective step back in ESPN.com's latest power rankings.

The only team that won Sunday held its ground. The other three tumbled a combined seven slots.

Our power rankings panel consists of ESPN.com senior writers John Clayton and Jeffri Chadiha, AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky and NFC West blogger Mike Sando.

No. 9 New England Patriots

  • Last week's rating: No. 9

  • Best rating: No. 6 (Chadiha)

  • Worst rating: No. 10 (Clayton, Kuharsky, Sando)

  • Note: The Patriots stayed put after an underwhelming 17-10 victory over the Bills. Despite the score, the Patriots were in control for the final three quarters, and finally won their first true road game and put together back-to-back victories for the first time in more than a month.

No. 16 Miami Dolphins

  • Last week's rating: No. 13

  • Best rating: No. 15 (Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 17 (Chadiha)

  • Note: The Dolphins dropped three rungs with Sunday' overtime groaner against the No. 14 Tennessee Titans. The Dolphins have two home games remaining against fellow 7-7 teams, the No. 20 Houston Texans and No. 15 Pittsburgh Steelers.

No. 19 New York Jets

  • Last week's rating: No. 16

  • Best rating: No. 18 (Kuharsky, Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 19 (Clayton, Chadiha)

  • Note: Rookie coach Rex Ryan spoke too soon Sunday when he declared his team was out of the playoffs. But he probably can revisit that thought when the Jets visit the No. 1 Indianapolis Colts. The Jets finish with the No. 7 Cincinnati Bengals in what could be the final game at Giants Stadium.

No. 26 Buffalo Bills

  • Last week's rating: No. 25

  • Best rating: No. 25 (Clayton, Kuharsky, Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 26 (Chadiha)

  • Note: The Bills will wrap up their 10th straight season without the playoffs with games at the No. 17 Atlanta Falcons and against the Colts.