Jets expect more potent pass O in 2010

INDIANAPOLIS -- Braylon Edwards wants to remain a New York Jet and is excited enough about the future that he suggested Mark Sanchez is a Peyton Manning in waiting.

The Jets were a run-dominant club all season, leading the NFL in rushing offense while nurturing the rookie Sanchez along.

But for the first time in weeks, the Jets found themselves in a situation where they had to pass in the second half to stay in the game. They simply didn't have the wherewithal to keep up with the Indianapolis Colts.

The Jets threw a few aerial haymakers at the Colts in the first half, including a franchise playoff record 80-yard touchdown hurl from Sanchez to Edwards, but once the Colts took the lead and knew the Jets had to pass, they had little trouble with containment.

Can the Jets become a more versatile offense in 2010?

"It's not about evolving. It's about the situation," Edwards said. "The run worked for us all year. Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene as well as our line did a tremendous job all season.

"The passing game was in a developing stage because, one, you have a rookie quarterback. Two, you have a new acquisition in myself, who has to learn the system. Dustin Keller made some plays for us, but he's still young. We get an offseason together, and we'll be able to get together with Mark. All of us can learn how we play.

"Mark will get better, and slowly but surely become a Peyton Manning, a guy that knows his receivers, a guy that knows the game."