Could Tebow really save Bills?

Buffalo Bills fans are hungry for quarterback help.

One of the biggest names they're curious about is Florida's Tim Tebow.

Bills icon Jim Kelly has gone on record that he wants his former team to draft Tebow. The Bills own the ninth pick.

Intrigue abounds with Tebow. He was one of the all-time great college quarterbacks, thriving in Florida's spread offense. But analysts are skeptical his skill set will translate to the NFL.

The Senior Bowl will provide the first idea of Tebow's upside.

"Coming in here [Tebow's draft stock] was wide open depending on who you talk to," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said. "Some people view him as a late first. Others view him as a third- or fourth-round prospect."

At Senior Bowl practices this week, NFL coaches and scouts are getting a good look at how smoothly Tebow might transition to a pro-style offense, taking snaps under center and reading defenses while dropping back as opposed to scanning the field from the shotgun, which he did exclusively for the Gators.

McShay didn't like what he saw from Tebow's first practice.

"He did not perform as well as he wanted to as a passer," McShay said.

McShay reported Tebow muffed three center-quarterback exchanges, displayed awkward footwork and had trouble with his accuracy.

"When you watch a quarterback working from under center, he's not used to it," McShay said. "There's going to be some transition, getting back, reading coverages, getting your feet set at the top of the stem and driving off of that back foot.

"Tim Tebow really struggled with that portion of it, and that really carried over into his accuracy, which was the third problem that Tebow had. He sailed some passes. He short-hopped some passes. Overall, it was an erratic day throwing the football."