Revis, Asomugha together as Jets?

Nnamdi Asomugha (21) says he and Darrelle Revis have talked about playing in the same secondary. Kirby Lee/US Presswire

MIAMI -- A few AFC thoughts and observations from its 41-34 victory in Sunday night's Pro Bowl at Sun Life Stadium ...

I just heard one of the scariest ideas anybody has mentioned to me in a long time.

The AFC's starting cornerbacks, Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha, want to play on the same team. As fantastical as that notion might be, it's frightening to consider.

Oakland Raiders star Asomugha was smiling when he brought up the dream scenario, but insisted he was "dead serious" and has spoken to New York Jets coach Rex Ryan about it.

"Me and Revis have been talking to Rex to try to do something," Asomugha said. "You may see us in the future. There's a little bit of talk going on. Either he's coming to Oakland or something else will happen."

Said Revis: "Me and him have talked about it, but I can't really control that situation. I don't know if he can either."

As much of a nightmare as it would be for opposing quarterbacks, it would be just as daunting for a team's capologist to figure out a way to pay them both. Asomugha has two years left on a three-year, $45.3 million contract that made him the highest-paid defensive back in NFL history.

Revis, considered by most to be the NFL's top cover cornerback, might make more than that soon.

"That's a lot of money they're going to be pushing around," Revis said, "but that'll be tough for quarterbacks. I'll tell you that."

Revis and Asomugha on the field together would elicit memories of Mike Haynes and Lester Hayes for the Oakland Raiders in the 1980s.

"In a league where the art of man-to-man has kind of gone out of style, that could bring it back," Asomugha said.

"You always want that as a player, to have that guy on the other side of you that's equally as talented and can make plays. It fuels you a little bit. We'd been joking around with [AFC coach] Norv Turner throughout practices all week, and with [NFL commissioner] Roger Goodell. He said they probably wouldn't allow us on the same team."

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil wasn't thrilled to see defensive coordinator Mike Nolan leave for the Miami Dolphins.

Dolfans would love for them to reunite in South Florida.

"It's a possibility," Dumervil said, "but we'll see what happens in Denver."

Dumervil would be an unrestricted free agent if the owners and players hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement by March 5. But an uncapped season seems inevitable, and in that case, Dumervil would be a restricted free agent because he wouldn’t have the required number of accrued seasons.

Dumervil led the NFL with 17 sacks in his lone season under Nolan.

"It was great playing with him," Dumervil said. "I only got to play with him one year, but I had fun, I probably had one of my best years. I felt I was productive throughout my career before Nolan, but being able to move to linebacker enhanced my durability and allowed me to be more effective down the stretch."

I asked if other Pro Bowlers have been in his ear, lobbying to get him interested in joining their teams.

"That would be tampering," Dumervil said. "I can't snitch on nobody."

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard went to the Pro Bowl with a chip on his shoulder.

Garrard made the Pro Bowl roster as a bazillionth alternate. But he made it because of a series of injuries and Peyton Manning reaching the Super Bowl.

Garrard completed eight of 14 passes for 183 yards and one touchdown for a 125.6 passer rating.

"It's so awesome," Garrard said. "One of my goals coming into the game was to just be relevant and show all of the people who said 'What is he doing in there? The Pro Bowl had dropped off a few pegs,' that I do belong."

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco badly wanted to reprise his preseason kicking exhibition against the New England Patriots and kick a field goal or an extra point in the Pro Bowl.

Miami Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter had given his blessing on a final field goal in the waning moments, but the AFC ran out the clock.

"The game was too close for me to go out there and have fun," Ochocinco said. "Usually, if we were up by a little bit, it would've been fun to go do it, but it was too close to even attempt it."