Do or die for Jets in 2010?

Jets' Draft Needs (3:09)

NFL Live weighs in on Santonio Holmes, and Mel Kiper Jr. discusses potential draft targets. (3:09)

The "NFL Live" gang takes a look at how the New York Jets will cope with all of the iffy characters they've added to their roster in the past six months.

The latest is receiver Santonio Holmes, already suspended the first four games because of substance-abuse problems.

The Jets also have taken chances on receiver Braylon Edwards and cornerback Antonio Cromartie, players who also were dumped by previous employers weary of recurring troubles.

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi suggested similarities with what his New England Patriots navigated.

"The players will welcome them in because these are quality football players, and they will help them win football games," Bruschi said. "But I think a message has to be sent.

"We had players in New England also come in these situations -- Corey Dillon, Randy Moss -- and we just made sure 'Hey, we don't care what you did in the past. You'll be judged by what you do from this point on,' and if the New York Jets can get all of these characters on the same page, they're going to be making a serious one-year run for a championship."

Bruschi explained his usage of the phrase "one-year run." He was referring to the fact so many notable players, including Edwards, Holmes and Cromartie, have one year left on their contracts.

The Jets don't have to worry about a salary cap in 2010, but they almost certainly must bid farewell to some big names to be in compliance under the next collective bargaining agreement.

"This may be a do-or-die year for the New York Jets," Bruschi said. "They're loading up pretty good."