Buffalo defensive coordinator 'in awe' of Brees

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Drew Brees is on pace to challenge the passing records Tom Brady set two years ago.



Sure, the season is only a couple of weeks old, but Brees has done something no other NFL quarterback has done in 34 years by throwing nine touchdown passes in the first two games.

The stats indicate the New Orleans Saints funslinger won't face much resistance Sunday. He'll face the Buffalo Bills, who rank 31st in pass defense.

Buffalo defensive coordinator Perry Fewell couldn't help but see Brady comparisons when studying film on Brees.

"When I watched the tape," Fewell said, "I thought about that, and I said ‘Wow.’ It was a day that you just kind of were in awe to a large degree because that offense is so efficient, and they are clicking on all cylinders. They do have that [high-powered] offense like the Patriots did two years ago."

Brees has thrown for 358 yards with six touchdowns and 311 yards with three touchdowns. He threw one interception in each game.

"He’s had an unbelievable first two ball games, completing 75 percent of his passes," Fewell said. "He knows where his receivers are, and he knows where his defenders are. He’s got good field vision. He’s an excellent field general. It’ll be a challenge just to slow him down."

The Bills' pass defense hasn't fared too well yet.

On opening night, Brady threw for 378 yards and two touchdowns against the Bills. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Byron Leftwich threw for 296 yards and three touchdowns with two interceptions Sunday.

"I don’t say we’re going to surrender," Fewell said. "I say that they’re going to move the football, and we have to prevent them from scoring.

"We have to go out and create some turnovers. Yes, they’re high-powered and they’re going to make some plays but I’m not going to surrender the points."

What helped the Bills against Leftwich was the constant pressure they delivered. The Bills sacked him twice and registered 13 quarterback hits.

That type of game doesn't happen often against Brees, but the Philadelphia Eagles got him twice Sunday.

"Not very many people sack this guy," Fewell said. "He only had 13 sacks in 2008. So with his ability to see the defense, read the coverage and deliver the ball, it’s a tough challenge for anybody."