Calls and Effect: AFC East penalty tracker

Nobody can dispute the New York Jets are a nasty horde. You could tell by the bewildered expressions on Matt Schaub's and Tom Brady's faces.

Another indication of the Jets' aggression can be found in the amount of yellow flags that have been thrown on them through two games.

Sixteen different Jets have committed 22 penalties already. Both figures are the most in the AFC East. Eighteen of those calls have been accepted, the third-highest amount in the NFL behind the San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals.

The Miami Dolphins, meanwhile, have been the division's most disciplined club. Opponents have accepted only eight penalties for 47 yards.

The New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills aren't too far behind the Jets in getting flagged.

They Patriots have moved backward 144 yards, farthest in the AFC East. But they haven't been flagged as often. All 17 of their penalties -- on 13 different players -- have been accepted. Tom Brady's three delay-of-game calls plant him second on the list of the division's top 10 guiltiest.

Bills infractions often fall in the 5-yard category. They've had 16 of their 19 fouls accepted for 126 yards.

Left tackle Demetrius Bell is a recidivist. He leads the AFC East with five penalties called against him. Two have been declined.