Jets: Backup QB plan

Assessing the Jets’ backup QB situation if Mark Sanchez is injured and misses time.

This is one of the most publicized quarterback situations in the NFL. Sanchez is the clear No. 1, but he will be pushed by the popular Tim Tebow throughout the season. Tebow might get a chance this season via injury or poor performance by Sanchez. Or the better alternative is the increase in competition could bring out the best in Sanchez, who is just 25 and entering his fourth season.

But if Sanchez goes down, Tebow has proven he can win at the NFL level. Last season he took over the struggling Denver Broncos, and they won the AFC West with a 7-4 record in his 11 starts. Tebow also beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game to get Denver to the divisional round. I think Tebow could be a solid fill-in for the short term. If Sanchez is hurt and Tebow needs to win two or three games, the Jets should be confident Tebow can do the job. But if Tebow replaces Sanchez for much longer, it could be bad news for the Jets. Tebow is not a franchise starting quarterback who you want running the show for an entire season.

Confidence rating (out of 100) if Sanchez is out for an extended period: 68.