Five words or less finale

I must say our AFC North community is very creative. I knew you wouldn't let me down.

On Thursday we ran this photo of Tim Tebow in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform and asked for responses in five words or less.

Here is a healthy sample of what we received in our AFC North inbox:

  • "There's no crying in Pittsburgh."

  • "Please don't hit me Ray."

  • "Already got a tight end."

  • "Better decision making than Ben."


  • "My Wonderlic score fits Pittsburgh."

  • "Can Tebow play OL?"

  • "Pass intercepted by Johnathan Joseph."

  • "He can't cover Anquan Boldin."

  • "Sick of this guy already."

  • "Here we go Tebow!"

  • "Last place for a while."

  • "Happen not gonna."

  • "Make it orange and brown."

  • "Superman is a backup?"

  • "Tebow is not Steelers Football."

  • "Gross. Gouge out eyes. Repeat."

  • "Not another Mark Malone!"

  • "Kordell Stewart with less talent."

  • "Makes me smile, go Browns."


  • "Pass-catching FB could work."

  • "Ben, let's have a talk."

  • "The Browns Just Got Better."

  • "What happened to Dennis Dixon?"

  • "Unorthodox doesn't mean substandard."

  • "Rookie of the Year!"

  • "The next Heath Miller?"

  • "Another blown second-round pick."

  • "Stop being a comedian JW!"