Morning take: Ravens look ahead

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC North:

  • After trading out of the first round, the Baltimore Ravens look ahead to adding good players in the second and third rounds.

Morning take: The Ravens got three quality picks from the Denver Broncos, but they also passed on cornerback Kyle Wilson and defensive linemen Jared Odrick and Dan Williams. Time will tell if they made the right call.

Morning take: I have to pat myself on the back for nailing this pick way in advance. I held firm to the good information I was getting that Cincinnati was very interested in Gresham and tight ends in general, despite getting a ton of heat for weeks from Bengals followers.

  • The first day of the draft came and went without a trade of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Morning take: This means that "Big Ben" will remain on the team next season. I never got a strong sense he would be traded in the first place.

  • The Cleveland Browns' pick of cornerback Joe Haden raises some questions.

Morning take: After trying hard to get Sam Bradford and missing on Eric Berry, I just don't get the sense Haden was Plan A for Cleveland. Haden is a good player, but a surplus of corners on a struggling, rebuilding team doesn't fully add up.