More thoughts from Chad Ochocinco

CINCINNATI -- You haven't covered the NFL until you've done a Chad Ochocinco news conference. The Cincinnati Bengals' Pro Bowl receiver is unpredictable and prone to say just about anything.

Earlier this week, Ochocinco compared himself to birth control and also trash-talked the Baltimore Ravens. But those weren't the only entertaining answers.

Here are some additional snippets from this week's minicamp:

On how much longer he wants to play football:

Ochocinco: I'm going to play until I'm 44. Forty-five is a bit far-fetched. If [Brett] Favre can get to 40, I know I can get four years on him. So that will be fine.

On adding WR Antonio Bryant and TE Jermaine Gresham:

Ochocinco: It can get very ugly. It's going to be nice. We added something to a certain position that hasn't ... I can't say that.

On his offseason:

Ochocinco: Nothing's different. If it wasn't dancing, I'd be boxing. I'm doing a dating show. OK, it's on TV. But if it wasn't on TV, I'd still be doing it off the field. What's the difference? I'm still doing the same stuff I'm normally doing, but one is on ABC and one is on VH1. I'd be doing the same things, but it'd be off camera.

On Ochocinco's dating show:

Ochocinco: The dating show is a great experience. It's something different I've never done before. It lets people see a different aspect of me -- how I interact when it comes to dealing with women. It's in a graceful way. It's not normally what you'd see when you see other dating shows. You have to remember -- I'm always unpredictable. It's like touching the field on Sunday.