Ochocinco: Bengals will smash the Ravens

The AFC North trash talking continues from Chad Ochocinco.

The Cincinnati Bengals' Pro Bowl receiver resumed his verbal assault on his division rivals, with his latest installment coming via Twitter on Saturday night. NBA star and Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony was praising his hometown Ravens following last night's 23-3 preseason win against the Washington Redskins.

Then Ochocinco jumped in with a response.

"Bruh don't get to [sic] excited we [will] smash the Ravens, I owe Ray Lewis big time, I won't lose across the middle this time," Ochocinco tweeted back to Anthony.

Ochocinco was referring to a tough hit he took from Lewis last season in Baltimore, a game Cincinnati won. In fact, the Ravens have struggled in recent seasons against the Bengals, which includes last year's season sweep.

Simply add this to the other bulletin-board material Ochocinco continues to provide AFC North teams.