Eric Mangini breaks down QB dilemma

The Cleveland Browns enter their bye week not knowing who the starting quarterback will be for the rest of the 2010 season. Their choices are rookie Colt McCoy, who started the past two games, or veterans Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, who are both recovering from ankle injuries.

Here is what head coach Eric Mangini of the Browns (2-5) had to say about his quarterback decision Monday heading into their Nov. 7 game against the New England Patriots (5-1):

(On how the quarterback situation will evolve next week)

Mangini: With the decision as we get Seneca back and Jake back, which we may have a chance for one or both against New England, then I’ll just sit down and think about it. I’ll talk to Brian (Daboll), I’ll talk to Mike (Holmgren); I’ll definitely get his input. He's been through these decisions quite a few times. It's got to get to the point where it really is a decision as opposed to where we're at now, where we just got a couple games under our belts.

(On potentially playing a rookie quarterback against New England)

Mangini: It's also what I don't know now who else is going to be available. I know it's New England and I know Colt's available and I know (Brett Ratliff is) available. But I'm not sure whether Seneca (Wallace) or Jake (Delhomme) is going to be available -- If both will or one will be. We got part of the puzzle, we just don't have all of it.

(On if Seneca Wallace was healthy to play against New England)

Mangini: How healthy is he? Is he 100 percent? Is he perfect? You come back from injury there's ranges. He can play. He could be the two. He could be the one and be completely healthy, and he could be the one and be at 80 percent. So there are a lot of mitigating factors to your hypothetical.

(On if there is a benefit of playing McCoy through and developing him)

Mangini: For us, it's going to be who we think can give us the best chance to win that week. The play time that he's gotten has been great and the things that he has shown have been really positive. But we're going to always try to play the guy that we think is going to give us the best shot to win on Sunday.