Scouts Inc. on Colt McCoy, Browns QBs

The biggest story in Cleveland the past two weeks is what to do with rookie quarterback Colt McCoy. After an impressive debut against the Pittsburgh Steelers and a getting a victory over the New Orleans Saints, should McCoy remain the starter or go back to the bench when Browns veterans Seneca Wallace (ankle) or Jake Delhomme (ankle) get healthy?

With Cleveland on a bye, the AFC North blog checked with our resident scout -- Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. -- to get some answers.

Matt, what are your overall impressions of McCoy through two NFL starts?

Williamson: I thought McCoy played really well against the Steelers. I thought he was poised, accurate, he didn't try to do too much and took what was there. It's tough to go into Pittsburgh with well-below-average receivers and do what he did. I haven't studied him much against the Saints, but from what I saw, he didn't have to do too much. So there really was no pressure on him.

Anything stand out that you didn't see while studying McCoy at the University of Texas?

Williamson: My criticism when the Browns picked McCoy was I didn't think he had the arm strength to deal with Cleveland weather. We're not going to see that for a while, but he never had to deal with that at Texas. He's not a big-armed kid, but I did think he fit the Mike Holmgren mold really well from a West Coast [offense] standpoint. He can get it out quick, slants and ball-control passing. So it's kind of a Catch 22 with McCoy. But watching him against Pittsburgh, his arm was better than I remembered it at Texas. It will get better. He's going to grow up and add 10 pounds as he ages, and guy's arms get better. So I think he has a chance.

That brings me to my next question: Should McCoy remain the starter in Cleveland?

Williamson: If I were the Browns, I think the No. 1 priority the rest of the season has to be 'Do we need a quarterback, or do we have a quarterback?' I think they need to know that by draft day. The other two quarterbacks don't matter. McCoy has to be the starter. Cleveland needs to know if he's ready, or if he's not capable of being a starter in this league.

Wallace says he still wants to be the starter. What are your impressions of him?

Williamson: He's one of the better backups around, and I think he's still proven to be a backup. He's better coming off the bench, because teams can't prepare for his legs, and he comes in as a big change-up. Wallace has that role going forward. But I don't think he's a starter. He gets exposed after he puts two or three games of film together.