More AFC North fights we'd like to see

Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski (3-0) is slated for his third professional boxing match this offseason when he faces Blake Warner (1-2) Saturday in Oklahoma.

Since Zbikowski is getting back in the ring this weekend, the AFC North blog has put together another boxing card we'd like to see, along with predictions.

Bout No. 1: Ravens WR Anquan Boldin vs. Browns CB Eric Wright

BoldinBoldinWrightWrightAnalysis: Boldin's footwork is too much for Wright early. The Ravens' receiver runs circles around Wright and spins him around like a top. With Wright getting dizzy, Boldin catches the Cleveland corner and floors him three times in the first round for a quick TKO.

AFC North blog pick: Boldin TKO in Round 1

Bout No. 2: Steelers LB James Harrison vs. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

HarrisonHarrisonAnalysis: An angry Harrison enters first and lays down pillows all over the ring before the bout. Goodell comes in looking nervous, because he knows he's made life miserable for the linebacker this past year. As soon as the bell rings Harrison rushes Goodell -- Mike Tyson-style -- and shows his one-punch knockout power with a right uppercut that puts Goodell on his back. The pillows soften the fall but the NFL commissioner is out for the count. The following week Goodell fines Harrison $75,000 for hitting too hard.

AFC North blog pick: Harrison KO in Round 1

Bout No. 3: Browns president Mike Holmgren vs. Eric Mangini

HolmgrenHolmgrenAnalysis: Both of these boxers have two very different styles and philosophies. Holmgren trained on the West Coast and his offense is sharp and crisp. Mangini has virtually no offense and relies more on his defense. As a result, these two go the distance. But Holmgren picks Mangini apart in every round with more tools in his arsenal and more experience.

AFC North blog pick: Holmgren by decision in Round 10

Bout No. 4: Bengals QB Carson Palmer vs. Bengals owner Mike Brown

PalmerPalmerAnalysis: Palmer wanted another opponent for this bout, but Brown refused to let Palmer out of his contract. It turns out this is an awful style matchup between two counter-punchers. Palmer and Brown enter the ring and both are unwilling to throw the next punch. They simply circle each other for 10 rounds waiting for the next move, which results in a draw. After the fight, Palmer retires.

AFC North blog pick: Draw

Main event and bout No. 5: Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger vs. Ravens DE Terrell Suggs

SuggsSuggsRoethlisbergerRoethlisbergerAnalysis: Thanks to Suggs' trash-talking, this high-profile rematch has been hyped for weeks. Suggs is dominating the first half of the fight, knocking Roethlisberger down three times and peppering him with strong jabs that back the quarterback into the corner and make him wish he could throw his gloves out of bounds to stop the onslaught. But Roethlisberger sticks with it and finds his rhythm in the second half of the bout. In the final two minutes, Roethlisberger finally knocks Suggs out with an unexpected haymaker in the 10th round. Afterwards Suggs' trainer, John Harbaugh, tells the media Suggs should've won, but gave the fight away at the end.

AFC North blog pick: Roethlisberger KO in Round 10