Morning take: Will Browns draft a QB?

Here are the most interesting stories Wednesday in the AFC North:

Morning take: With president Mike Holmgren in the building, chances are the Browns will grab one in the later rounds. Cleveland is going with Colt McCoy as the starter, but there's nothing wrong with having someone else to develop.

Morning take: Zbikowski reportedly tested positive for marijuana but later passed a test on Tuesday. Boxing is an endurance sport where smoking wouldn't be wise. So I would be surprised if this isn't a mistake.

Morning take: Green is the consensus choice to go to Cincinnati. The Bengals could take a quarterback later in the draft and have their replacements for veterans Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer.

Morning take: Cobb is probably going in the first two rounds, and that's not a need position for Pittsburgh. I expect Cobb to land with another team.