Morning take: James Harrison apologizes

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC North:

Morning take: Harrison apologized to his teammates and for using an anti-gay slur to describe NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It was wise to apologize. But these retractions make you wonder if the person is more sorry for what was said, or sorry for the backlash it created.

Morning take: Palmer's silence is golden. It would be a major upset if he returns to Cincinnati once a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

  • Baltimore Ravens receiver Derrick Mason responds to Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who said these teams don't have a true rivalry because Pittsburgh has won more games lately.

Morning take: Jabs are being thrown between these two teams and we're just getting started. Training camp should be fun leading up to Week 1.

Morning take: These workouts can't hurt, but they certainly don't guarantee a good season. The real work will be done in training camp and the preseason.