Palmer-to-Raiders trade is unlikely

The Raiders are "trying hard" to make a deal for disgruntled Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, a source told Yahoo! Sports.

But don't expect the Bengals to move Palmer before Tuesday's NFL trading deadline, especially to the Raiders. There are too many hurdles to overcome, and honestly, it doesn't make sense for Cincinnati.

Here are three factors working against a Palmer-to-Raiders trade:

  • Bengals owner Mike Brown doesn't give in to players' demands. It sets a bad precedent for others who would want to leave. Remember, this is the same owner who declined to trade wide receiver Chad Ochocinco for two first-round draft picks in the spring of 2008. Trading Palmer would be out of character.

  • The Raiders don't have picks in the second, third or fourth rounds in the 2012 draft. So the best offer would be a pick in the 2013 draft. Hey, maybe the Bengals could get a second-rounder in the 2021 draft from the Raiders while they're at it.

  • The Bengals would be sending the wrong message by helping another AFC team that currently has a winning record. Sure, not many people are convinced that Cincinnati is a playoff contender despite a 4-2 start. But the Bengals could make a surprising run considering a soft schedule (four remaining games against teams with losing records). So it doesn't make sense to extend a helping hand to a contender.

It's an intriguing possibility because Palmer would be a great fit for the Oakland Raiders, who need a quarterback after Jason Campbell suffered a broken collarbone Sunday. But don't expect it to happen. It would be easier, and less costly, for Oakland to sign someone such as David Garrard.