Ravens' Suggs says he's 'sold' on Flacco

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco certainly has his critics, but linebacker Terrell Suggs says he's not one of them.

In a debate on ESPN's "First Take," Suggs couldn't have made his support for Flacco any clearer. Skip Bayless challenged Suggs on that, saying he doesn't think in his "heart of hearts" that he's sold on the quarterback.

"Put the camera on me, I'm 100 percent in Cool Joe, and he will do it," Suggs said. "We've seen it year in and year out. How many playoff games has Matt Ryan won?"

Suggs added, "All I know is the boy can play. I think he's reached the level where we can get over that hump now."

In a matter of full disclosure, Suggs wasn't always in Flacco's corner. Early in the 2008 season, when Flacco took over the starting job from an ill Troy Smith in the preseason, Suggs suggested Smith should be the starter over Flacco.

"Right now, I think [Flacco is] all right," Suggs told 2 Live Stews, a nationally syndicated radio show, in October 2008. "But like I said, in the end, Troy should be the starter [because he's] the better man for the job."

Suggs clarified his remarks to Baltimore reporters a day later, saying, "That's not what I said. When he asked me, I said there should be multiple packages. I think both should get a chance to play."