Ravens' Harbaugh defends Joe Flacco

There is always a debate about whether the Ravens' Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback. Baltimore coach John Harbaugh contends there is no argument and expects Flacco to prove it when -- not if -- he wins a championship.

"You start talking about Joe not being a good quarterback and not being this or not being that? Well everybody can have their opinion, but anybody that knows football knows that is not the case," Harbaugh told 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore.

Harbaugh brought up the fact that Flacco is the fastest quarterback in history to reach 40 wins.

"That’s the measuring stick because in the end this is a team sport and how a quarterback interacts and relates to his team and plays the game in such a way is to win games. That’s what counts," Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh acknowledged Flacco has to make improvements whether it's in the red zone or in completion percentage. But he said he believes Flacco will become a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

"Joe, like in every other position, and like me as a coach and like all of us we try to get better at all that stuff," Harbaugh said. "However you want to label the guy an ‘elite quarterback’ or not an ‘elite quarterback,’ when he wins a championship -- which is going to happen -- then people can start talking about the ‘elite,’ label. We don’t care about that. I could tell you one thing: Joe could care less about what label you put on him. He wants to be a winning quarterback.”