No Super Bowl talk among Harbaughs

It was a major family affair when John and Jim Harbaugh coached against each other on Thanksgiving night.

Can you imagine the spectacle if the brothers went head-to-head in the Super Bowl? It's a realistic possibility with John Harbaugh's Ravens and Jim Harbaugh's 49ers one win away from competing for the Lombardi trophy.

Jack Harbaugh, the father of John and Jim, told 790 the Zone in Atlanta that the family will think about that possibility once the AFC and NFC championship games are over Sunday.

“That’s a long way away and we haven’t thought about it, discussed it, so we just kinda play that out," Jack Harbaugh said. "The most important thing is this is about Jim and John and we hope that they both have success as all parents out there can understand that have children that are involved in any type of activity.”

Jack Harbaugh and his wife won't be traveling to San Francisco or New England to watch in person. They'll be sitting at their Wisconsin home.

"We’re able to stay here and watch and we’ve got understanding neighbors when they hear the pounding and the shouting they understand that it’s just part of the weekend routine for us," he said. "We’re very comfortable and very happy where we are and enjoying from long range.”

John Harbaugh watched the 49ers edge out the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, and Jim Harbaugh saw the Ravens beat the Houston Texans on Sunday.

"It's pretty neat," John Harbaugh said. "I'm proud of him. He's proud of what we're doing. Our parents are pretty fired up."

Said Jim Harbaugh: "I had a chance to watch his game, and find myself, as always, pulling very hard for him and his team. I'm very happy for him and his success."