Did Steelers' Tomlin want to hire Haley?

The Pittsburgh Steelers introduced Todd Haley as their offensive coordinator at a news conference today, but there are questions that remain since it ended.

Just as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ron Cook pointed out today, it will be interesting to get head coach Mike Tomlin's full take on the situation one day. Was Tomlin the one who actually hired Haley? Did he even want to hire Haley?

Tomlin introduced Haley at the news conference. "I was really impressed by him," Tomlin said. "Needless to say that we are extremely excited about him joining our efforts here as offensive coordinator."

Read into that what you will. There's still a perception that Tomlin wanted to keep Bruce Arians as the Steelers' offensive coordinator and it was team president Art Rooney II who wanted to make this move. Rooney was the one who called Arians to inform him that his contract wasn't going to be renewed.

So, naturally, there is a perception that the Haley hire was forced upon Tomlin.

"He clearly brings intangibles we really value," Tomlin said. "I talked to a lot of people and did a lot of research, and I was impressed by his résumé but also his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was really unique to me. I always will be attracted to guys who have an appreciation for the Pittsburgh Steelers and legitimately embrace the standards that are ours."

Haley did say he spoke to Tomlin multiple times about the job before being hired. He still hasn't talked to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

“There’s an uncomfortable aspect to newness," Haley said. "But that’s not always a bad thing. It will be a great thing in this case."

Perhaps the best comment from Haley came when he addressed his coaching style, which has led to him screaming and yelling at players.

“We’re not into sensitivity,” Haley said.