AFC North chat rewind

A look at some of the questions fielded in Friday's online chat:

JTMCJ (NY): On certain weeks, James Harrison is still an elite player but quite a few games this year, including the playoff loss--he was a non-factor--what's your take for next year--still elite or just good?

Jamison Hensley: You have to remember that Harrison was coming off back surgery. Expect a more consistent Harrison next season.

Mike newyork (via mobile): Do you think the Ravens would be interested in signing Clinton Portis or LaDanian Tomlinson as a backup to Ray Rice? They said they're looking for a veteran.

Jamison Hensley: In my time as the Ravens beat reporter, I learned two things: Never discount a former University of Miami player coming there (like Portis) or a player with a connection to a high-ranking coach (Tomlinson with Cam Cameron). I actually prefer the idea of Le'Ron McClain because he would serve three roles: backup tailback, backup fullback and special teams player.

Jules Winfield (walking the earth): We can debate whether the Browns should trade up to get Robert Griffin III, but my question is do you think they stockpiled those extra picks so they could make just such a move, or not?

Jamison Hensley: I think the Browns stockpiled those picks because they know they need to add a lot of talent to this team. There are too many holes, especially offensively. I know RG3 can be a special player, but I would stick with my two first-rounders if I was the Browns. Of course, that's my stance right now.

Thomas (Vienna, Austria): Who do you see starting for the Ravens 2012 at the linebacking position?

Jamison Hensley: Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger at OLB. Ray Lewis and Vontaze Burfict at ILB.

AdamPBUD (Columbus): Any chance the Bengals go after Mike Wallace? Would Stanford Routt fit in Cincy?

Jamison Hensley: Don't see Bengals going after Wallace. I see New England and San Francisco possibly making a move for Wallace. Routt would be a really good fit in Cincy. He might even start over Clements.

Steve (New Hampshire): Do you think the Steelers may trade back for more picks and go for Dontari Poe?

Jamison Hensley: That is a consideration. A lot of teams want to move back in their first-round neighborhood to get a quarterback. Poe could be available later in the first round or early in the second.

Tommy (OH) (via mobile): I haven't really heard much lately about Peyton Hillis' contract talks with Cleveland. Being a lifelong Browns fan, I personally think Hillis is a perfect fit in Cleveland. With that being said, if the Browns were to draft RG3 at No. 4, wouldn't it make sense to try to bring Hillis back so we at least have a tough runner to take the pressure off a rookie quarterback?

Jamison Hensley: I don't think Hillis is a good fit for the West Coast offense and I don't think he's a good fit for the Browns locker room. I would be surprised if the Browns try to retain him. There are rumblings that the Browns will do so. The Browns could do worse at running back but they could do better as well.

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