J. Johnson takes parting shot at Steelers

Outside linebacker Jarret Johnson is no longer a Baltimore Raven after signing with the San Diego Chargers on Wednesday, but that didn't stop him from giving a parting shot to his AFC North rival -- and it was as vicious as his hit on Hines Ward.

In an interview with the Ravens' flagship radio station WBAL, it was suggested that Johnson's departure is less painful because he didn't go to the New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts or Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I told everybody if I went to Pittsburgh, I would've had to throw up on my jersey every time we played," Johnson told the radio station.

It should be noted for all Steelers fans that Johnson and the San Diego Chargers make a trip to Heinz Field this season. Hopefully, Johnson will remember to take some anti-nausea medicine before seeing the Black and Gold.

The other interesting piece of the interview was the Ravens' level of interest in Johnson, which seemed minimal by his comments. The Ravens apparently had already moved on from Johnson once free agency began.

"A lot of teams will give you an offer that's pretty insulting," Johnson said. "They didn't do that but they made it clear that my time was up. I'm not at all leaving disgruntled, angry or bitter by how it all went down."