Who are in the Browns' Fab Five this draft?

General manager Tom Heckert said the Browns might consider trading down from No. 4 but they won't drop below the top eight for a reason.

"There's going to be five guys that we really like," Heckert told the Cleveland Plain Dealer at the NFL owners meetings.

So, who are in the Browns' Fab Five in this draft?

Removing the presumed top three off the list (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Matt Kalil), I honestly don't think there is a Fab Five. It's more like a Terrific Two with Trent Richardson and Morris Claiborne.

In the spirit of playing along, this would be my prediction for the Browns' five targeted players:

This is a busy week for the Browns, who will be hosting several big-name prospects for pre-draft visits. According to the Plain Dealer, Richardson, Claiborne, Blackmon and Tannehill will meet with the Browns this week.

Also scheduled are: Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden, Illinois defensive end Whitney Mercilus, Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins and Virginia Tech running back David Wilson.

Now, it's your turn. Give me your list for the Browns' Fab Five (and take out Luck, RG3 and Kalil) and see how it matches with mine. Remember this isn't your list of the best five players remaining. This is your prediction of what the Browns are thinking.