Thumbs down to Steelers throwback jerseys

The Steelers revealed they will wear their uniforms from their 1934 team as their throwback ones to commemorate their 80th season in Pittsburgh. The initial reaction: the throwback uniforms should be thrown away. As many of the blog readers pointed out, they resemble bumble bee prison uniforms.

The uniform (picture can be seen here) features alternating black and gold horizontal stripes with black numbers encased in a boxed white background. The pants are pale yellow and the socks are gold with black stripes. Pittsburgh will wear its traditional black helmets as part of the throwback uniform.

The Steelers are expected to wear these throwback uniforms twice this season. The 1934 team, which was named the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time, went 2-10 and played at Forbes Field. This uniform has not been worn since that season. When you look at them, you know why no one has worn them in nearly eight decades.

"For years, we only had a black and white picture of the uniform. So, the stripes actually appeared like a prison uniform in those black and white uniforms," Steelers president Art Rooney II said. "We weren't quite sure what they looked like until not too many years ago someone actually had one of the '34 jerseys. It's going to be exciting to wear this and really fun to see how our fans will react to all those stripes."

My opinion is that it's a nice gesture but a cringe-worthy result. The Steelers have one of the NFL's classiest uniforms (although I didn't like the change to slanted numbers), and it would probably be tough to give a thumbs up to any change to it.

Some have referred to them as the chain gang uniforms. For me, every time Shaun Suisham lines up for a field goal, I'll be wondering if the holder is going to yank the ball away because the uniforms also have a Charlie Brown-like quality about them.

When it comes to throwback uniforms, it's a classy nod to honor the past. But, as in most cases, it results in fans laughing at it.

Here's the reaction from my followers on Twitter, which was mainly negative:

WrecklessLove: I hope they kept the receipt.

Rastas4Jesus09: Ugliest thing on the planet. Looks like the Browns finally beat us in something.

JasonMcCulla: Looks like they used the yellow and brown from the Denver Broncos throwbacks of last year.

RRostek: For some reason I like! it's a real throwback!

Spectre14: Put some antennae on the helmet and a stinger on the back of their belt and the look is complete.

Ksick2: Those unis make Baylor's cammo catastrophe look sexy.

Pjdesantisusc: Represents the old-fashioned uniforms, seems very homemade. I think they're cool. Pittsburgh has always been blue collar!

Stevembk: Better looking than the current Bengals uniform.

Eaglescouch: Suddenly feel better about Eagles throwback yellow unis!

BobCrabz: Blind Melon called and said their bee girl wants her costume back!

DannyCalheta: I love them Steelers throwbacks. They are not ugly. It's like having kids. No one ever says they kids are ugly.

MrPeabody81: I don't know whether to laugh or buy a box of Honeynut Cheerios.