Schefter: Browns blindsided Colt McCoy

The hit from James Harrison doesn't seem as brutal after the beating Colt McCoy has taken this offseason.

According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the Browns selected Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall pick after they told McCoy they wouldn't take a quarterback in the first round. This comes a month after the Browns told season-ticket holders that they aggressively tried to trade up to get quarterback Robert Griffin III, which was a public vote of no confidence in McCoy.

You can't fault the Browns for wanting to upgrade the quarterback position. The offense was handcuffed by McCoy's lack of arm strength and inaccuracy. But they've mishandled the situation with McCoy at every turn this offseason.

Now, the Browns are considering trading McCoy over the weekend. As ESPN's John Clayton points out, Cleveland might want to move McCoy but there might not be a market for him. There has been speculation that the Browns have had trade talks with the Packers and Eagles.

I'm not sure why the Browns are so motivated to get rid of McCoy at this point. He's not a starter in this league, but he could be a capable backup. What is working against McCoy is the fact current backup Seneca Wallace is a favorite of team president Mike Holmgren.

So, while the Browns have repeatedly said they're fine with McCoy this offseason, their actions are speaking much louder than their words.