McKinnie explains why he didn't practice

Last week Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said the team is going to keep its issues with offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie "in-house."

Not sure if McKinnie got the word or he just doesn't understand the meaning of "in-house," but he recently offered his explanation on being held out of practice during the team's mandatory minicamp.

“They just told me when I had the meeting, just for precautionary [reasons], not to go out there and get injured during minicamp and just do the running and the lifting and stuff,” McKinnie told a local Baltimore radio station, via the Ravens' official website. “So I was just in there, lifting and running for the whole two and half hours. … and then at the same time still getting the conditioning and everything together. We’re just trying to work to get there without anything slipping up or going wrong.”

McKinnie said the Ravens would like to see him play at about 345 pounds. He is currently at 354 pounds, which means he has nine more pounds to lose before training camp begins in late July.

I'm still skeptical that the Ravens kept McKinnie off the field for all three days for conditioning reasons, especially if he is less than 10 pounds away from his goal. Either there's another reason or McKinnie is further away from the targeted weight.

It's becoming clear that the Ravens are trying to squeeze one more season out of the McKinnie. He turns 33 in September and is in the final year of his contract.

Baltimore's probable plan for 2013 is to move Michael Oher to left tackle (even though he looks better on the right side) and start Jah Reid at right tackle.