Browns accuse Ravens of dirty play

Lost in the aftermath of the Ravens' win over the Browns on Thursday night was Browns safety Ray Ventrone's accusation that Baltimore crossed the line.

"I know that they were playing dirty on offense," Ventrone said, via The Associated Press. "Watch the film, man. There was some dirty stuff going on."

Ventrone didn't say specifically what the Ravens did, only describing it as "extracurricular stuff."

"There was just stuff that was happening after the play, during the play," Ventrone said. "There was some unnecessary stuff that was happening to our defensive backs most specifically."

The only time the Ravens were flagged for a personal foul resulted in offsetting penalties with the Browns. Two Ravens were penalized for unnecessary roughness, but they were both defensive players (safety Bernard Pollard and linebacker Paul Kruger).

"No one was hurt by any of the stuff," Ventrone said. "Thank God. But I think there were some cheap shots for sure."

It was only a couple of weeks ago when the Ravens called out the Eagles for dirty play. Fullback Vonta Leach said last month, "They take a couple of shots. That's just how they're coached."

There is a common thread with these accusations. The Ravens spoke out about the Eagles after losing to them, and the Browns talked about the Ravens after losing to them. Is this dirty play or sour grapes?

If this trend continues, another team will accuse the Browns of dirty play. Of course, the winless Browns have to beat someone first.