Joe Flacco hits terrible quarterback trifecta

No one needs to tell us that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a bad game. Our friends at ESPN Stats & Information already pointed out that Flacco had the worst QBR of any passer over the past five seasons (click here for a thorough explanation).

Here's another unwanted milestone: Flacco is the only QB in the QBR-era (since 2008) who was tackled for a safety, credited with a fumble and threw an interception returned for a touchdown in the same game, according to Elias Sports Bureau. The real "shake my head" part is Flacco hit this terrible trifecta in the first 15 minutes, 10 seconds of the game. During that span, Flacco was 3-of-8 for 25 yards. Only one of the three completions went for a first down.

This just continued Flacco's trend of playing great at home and horrible on the road. In four home games, he has completed 67.1 percent of his throws for an average of 317 yards with seven touchdowns and two interceptions. In three road games, he has connected on half of his passes for an average of 188.6 yards with two touchdowns and four interceptions.

Asked about this disparity for Flacco, coach John Harbaugh said, "The results for all of us have been different. We’re all a part of that. That’s something that we all have to deal with. You never put it on one guy. We all take responsibility, and every one of us has done good things, and every one of us has done not so good things. It goes for Joe, too. We all have to be better on the road; that’s something that we aren’t happy with right now.”