Poll: Should Browns have kept Holmgren?

In his Tuesday news conference, Mike Holmgren was asked whether he would have accomplished what he had set out to do with the Browns if allowed to finish out the final two years of his contract.

“I think we’re close, I really do," he said. "We’ve been in every ball game this year really, you could say. I think it’s going to be OK. No one has a crystal ball with this. The way I looked at it, and the way I’ve talked to you about it, Eric [Mangini] was here the one year and this is really Pat [Shurmur's] second year. Given the change that we’ve had and how young we are and stuff, and you throw in the lockout a little bit, which probably skewed things just a little bit."

Holmgren added, "It’s still very early in some sort of development program, but I think we’ve had good drafts and Tom [Heckert] has done a great job in the draft. The question was have we found our quarterback? If you feel OK about that, any of us, then you say, ‘OK, now you got a chance to do this.’ I think we have.”

In Holmgren's last two stops, he guided his teams to the Super Bowl. But the Browns have gone 10-29 in Holmgren's run as president, including 1-6 this season.

"I so much wanted to put a product on the field and win some games for Randy Lerner," Holmgren said. "I feel there will be moments down the road where I’ll look back and say, ‘Shoot, that’s the one thing.’ I feel real good about a lot of the other things we did, but I wish we had won a few more games. Like I said, I believe now, you’ve seen the team play this year, you’ve seen the quarterback play, you know we’re young, all those things. If we can keep that together, if they can stay together, there’s going to be good times ahead.”

Should new owner Jimmy Haslam have kept Holmgren as president instead of hiring Joe Banner as his top executive? Record your vote in the poll and tell me what you think of them by sending me a note into the mailbag. Your comment could appear in a blog post Saturday.