Poll results: Steelers throwback uniforms

It won't come as a shock to anyone that most people don't like the Steelers' "unique" throwback jerseys. Honestly, I thought there would be more people hating on them.

In a SportsNation poll this week that drew 7,578 votes, 65 percent say they hated the black-and-gold horizontally striped threads. I thought it would easily be 80 percent against these uniforms. You'll be able to get a better look at them Sunday, when the Steelers put them on for the first time since 1934.

Here's what readers had to say about the throwback uniforms:

Kimberley, from Westbury, N.Y. writes: Although those throwback uniforms for this week's game are hideous and hilarious, I am a die-hard Steelers fan since the 70s. So what they wear doesn't matter as long as it "black and yellow, black and yellow!"

Brad, from Medford, Ore.: Look for Robert Griffin III to throw 6 picks. It's about eye-hand coordination. He won't be able to take his eyes off those uniforms and will throw to the wrong man.

Michael, from Blacksburg, Va.: I like the jerseys. Obviously they could be more aesthetically appealing, but I like that they show the history of the Steelers and I'll be a proud fan this weekend regardless of the age of the jersey. Look at it this way: They still look better than the Bengals' or Ravens' jerseys of today. It could always be worse.

Jesse, from Erie, Pa.: Those jerseys weren't good looking at first glance. But it's grown on me and now I think they are sweet looking. I even own an Antonio Brown throwback that I wear sometimes. A lot of people will hate this jersey because they will compare them to the cool-looking ones from before. But I have a feeling people will grow into them just like I have.

Ryan, from North Brunswick, N.J.: Our throwbacks may not be ascetically pleasing, but at least our normal uni isn't as ugly as the Browns' ones. Hey, maybe the Ravens should wear their throwbacks against the Browns ... oh, wait.

Bill, from Honey Brook, Pa.: Can't stand the throwback uniforms for any team. Why do we continue to do this year after year? The NFL forces us to watch our favorite team in these awful uniforms. I know that the only reason is money generation. The fans aren't asking for it.

Lori, from Minneapolis: Hopefully the phrase, "dress for successs" doesn't hold true and we win in spite of the nasty uniforms.

Suzie, from Omaha: Love the vintage! I'm going to my first game in Pittsburgh on Nov. 18 against the Ravens. So, of course, we had to get the jerseys! Fierce!

Roamer, from Odenton, Md.: I don't just like the bumblebees ... I love them. I bought a custom bumblebee the day they were available on the Steelers shop. Don't get me wrong, they are hands down the ugliest uniform in the history of uniforms. That's what makes them so awesome. The creamsicles have nothing on these bad boys.

Ben, from Pensacola, Fla.: Those Steelers throwbacks are atrocious. The "yellow" looks orange, which just makes them look like a combination of orange jumpsuits and black and white-striped prison attire. I didn't think it was possible for them to make me like the yellow helmets. Congratulations Steelers, you win.

Chad, from Pittsburgh: I know I'm in the minority, but I loved the jerseys from the time they came out. They remind me of the sport that the game of football was originally inspired by, rugby. So as a fan of history, I don't mind a little remembrance of the games early years.

Paulette, from New York: Love the Steelers throwback uniforms! They're quirky, but fun and unique. Wouldn't want to see them every week, but a couple of times a season is just paying tribute to the team's rich history. I just hope this season goes better than 1934. They were pretty bad back in those days.

Brady, from Columbus, Ohio: I am embarassed for the Steelers having to wear them! Tamba Bay's creamsicle unis are better than this!