Holmgren shoots down Cowboys rumors

When the Cleveland Browns play at the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, outgoing president Mike Holmgren doesn't plan to go there for a job interview.

Holmgren stopped into the Browns media room Monday to deny circulating rumors he's interested in coaching the Cowboys if they fired Jason Garrett. "I don't know how any of that stuff gets started," Holmgren told reporters, via The Plain Dealer. "The last time I talked to anybody about my future was in this room. I honestly don't know what I want to do."

CBS Sports reported Sunday that sources close to Holmgren said he would be interested in coaching the Cowboys because of the competitiveness of the roster, the skill players present and his long relationship with owner Jerry Jones.

Holmgren told Cleveland reporters that the plan is for him to remain with the team through the season. He said he hopes to say hello to Jones when in Dallas but insisted he hasn't inquired about the job.

While Holmgren may not be interested in the job right now -- well, for one reason, it's not even open yet -- this is the one of the few jobs that would likely grab his attention. Holmgren is a Super Bowl-winning coach and led two franchises there. He's going to be very selective if he decides to return to coaching. At the age of 64, Holmgren isn't going to consider the likes of Kansas City or another rebuilding team. He'll want to win immediately, and a team like the Cowboys have the talent to do so.