Ryan Clark comes to Ed Reed's defense

A Steelers player coming to the defense of a Raven seems to break some sort of code in the most heated rivalry in football. But, after Ravens safety Ed Reed was suspended by the NFL for one game for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Pittsburgh wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers safety Ryan Clark spoke out in support of Reed on Twitter:

It might be surprising for some to see this support between rivals. But Reed and Clark are childhood friends who grew up in Louisiana. Clark visited Reed in the Ravens' locker room after Sunday night's game and asked him a question while posing as a reporter. Here's a video of that from The Baltimore Sun.

Clark is also not a big fan of fines from the league. Last season, he was fined a total of $55,000 for two illegal hits. "You can't go for the guy's head, you can't go for his neck," Clark said this past offseason. "You have to try to adjust your aiming point, which is hard sometimes, because if the offensive player does crouch, or does lower his shoulder, it's still upon the defensive player [to avoid helmet-to-helmet contact]. But you still have to play. You have to play this game fast."