Ravens owner unsure about Reed's future

NEW ORLEANS -- Ravens safety Ed Reed has said repeatedly this month that he isn't going to retire after the Super Bowl like Ray Lewis. But Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti isn't so sure about that.

Asked if he would be surprised if Reed called it quits after Sunday, Bisciotti said, "I would not be surprised, but if he said he's coming back, then I believe him. I just need Ed to experience this Sunday. I don't know whether a loss might inspire him to change his mind and I don't know whether a win will inspire him to change his mind. I really want to defer and not guess what Ed's going to do. Because I don't know that Ed's 100 percent sure now. I think Ed will be 100 percent sure a month from now. So we'll just play it out."

If Reed is coming back, the Ravens will be faced with another decision. Reed is an unrestricted free agent in March. The Ravens won't address Reed's status immediately after the Super Bowl.

"First we have to find out where Ed’s head is," Bisciotti said. "I think that win or lose Sunday, Ed needs a couple of weeks. By that time, we will have done our personnel meetings and our cap meetings and we’ll know what kind of deal that we can make Ed. I assume we’ll make a deal that we made with Ray a few years ago. If Ed wants to test the market like Ray did, that’s what we have to do. That’s the downside of being the financial boss that Ozzie [Newsome, Baltimore's general manager] has to deal with that."