Poll results: Division's top edge rusher

The top edge pass-rusher in the AFC North is Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. That's the opinion of the voters in this week's SportsNation poll, but it's not an overwhelming one.

Of the 8,569 votes, Suggs received 30 percent even though he was limited to two sacks last season because of injuries. But the top pick (Suggs) and last-place one (Paul Kruger and LaMarr Woodley) were only separated by 15 percent.

Here are some selected comments from the AFC North mailbag ...

Tymon from Murrieta, Calif.: I had to go with Suggs on this one. He is relentless in his pass rush and has so many moves. Assuming he heals completely from his injury, other teams in the division should be frightened about him lining up next to or on the other side of Elvis.

Brandon from Sykesville, Md.: The best pass-rusher in the division is the newest member of the AFC North, Elvis Dumervil. This is simply because of the situation he is putting himself in. Going back to the 3-4, where he once had 17 sacks, and being put on a line with the likes of Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs will show. He isn't much against the run. But the question was best pass-rusher and that's now Dumervil, hands down.

Bill from New Haven, Conn.: Suggs looks like he has lost more than a step. If Steelers get any interior rush -- or rush from the other end -- LaMarr Woodley will have a big year. He may miss James Harrison, though.

Logan from Reno, Nev.: I chose Michael Johnson since I am a Bengals fan. But it all comes down to the 2013 season and if he posts up numbers like he did 2012.

Eric from Cincinnati: My vote goes to Michael Johnson. You can make an argument against him by pointing out that he plays on the same line as Geno Atkins, the best interior pass-rusher in the league, but how many of the guys on the list haven't benefited from other great players? Suggs and Kruger had Haloti Ngata, Woodley had Casey Hampton and James Harrison. What I think sets Johnson apart is his combination of size, strength and speed. He had 11.5 sacks last year and picked some up against names like Branden Albert, Jake Long, Joe Thomas, etc.

Frank from Boston: In terms of the best pass-rusher in the AFC North, I tend to put a little bit more stock in consistency when it comes to pass-rushers. Given that I'm not sure how Suggs will be given the injury, and that Kruger and Johnson both have one good season under their belts, I'd say it's either Woodley or Dumervil. I'll give it to Dumervil because he was excellent at pass rushing even before Denver got Von Miller, whereas Woodley has always had the benefit of James Harrison.

Mike from Cincinnati: A healthy Carlos Dunlap is in the top three.